Abstract and Expressive Wall Painting By

Christopher Worker

with non-smelly, quick drying emulsions and acrylics

About Christopher Worker

In his wall painting Christopher Worker develops original abstract compositions, references the work of other painters, or helps birth clients' ideas. He has 15 years experience manipulating paint and helping clients choose colour.

After a degree in architecture he painted houses for subsistence while developing various picture projects. Transposing the abstract painter's oeuvre into his decorative pattern book, Christopher Worker exploits their experimentation as the 20C decorators did the patterns of William Morris, and William Morris the decorative craft of the middle ages.

Christopher Worker is the brush name of Christopher Walker, one of a series of pseudonyms related to myTHself (see below).

How He Works

VERY Good Value!

A Christopher Worker wall painting averages about £70 per square metre.

Jackson Pollock paintings average about £4,484,771 per square metre. 60,000x more expensive!

Mark Rothko paintings average about £2,154,647 per square metre. 30,000x more expensive!

Gerhard Richter paintings average about £446,338 per square metre. 6,000x more expensive! *

However both Pollock and Rothko are dead, and so unavailable for your project and Gerhard Richter is very difficult to get hold of. Of course getting Jackson Pollock to paint your house in the 1930's would have been about the same price as a Christopher Worker wall today...

*figures based on the last ten years of painting sales, researched online.

Contact Christopher Worker

E-mail: Chris@christopherWorker.com preferred means of first contact.

France (home): 0033 2 33 52 32 51

London (UK mob) : 0780 455 9248, but only when CW is in the UK.

Although he spends a lot of time in London, he's also often in Normandy, France.

Belval, 50340 Treauville, Manche. France.


CW made up the word myTHself and it's become his conceptual 'meta title', an arch-identity allowing his various projects to be separate and simultaneous. All the 'CW's' are self portraits, in the self portrait myTHself. I'm Christopher Writer, I'm pretentious and a terrible speller. Christopher Worker achieves unity of painting and profession, and his clients get great walls. Others include :

Christopher Walkerloo

An Englishman living in France, who has made 200,000 cardboard toy soldiers based on photos of himself pretending to be a soldier and the Battle of Waterloo. He is now leading his toy soldier army in a 'real pretend war' on an enemy he has identified as the 'Mega Corp Toys'. You can find his toy soldiers for sale and for free as downloadable DIY 'Print-fantry' at his website www.Walkerloo.com or in London at the National Army Museum, Chelsea. Find out about him and his 'war' on his blog and on youtube.

Christopher Wonker

Is a key character of the web picture www.EasterLegs.com. An animated interactive flash picture exploring themes of Christmas, Easter, and the 'second coming'. Watch out for easter eggs...

christopher worker working